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IV Hydration Therapy Specialist

Elevate Medical Spa

Medical Spa & Board Certified Nurse Practitioner located in Jackson, WY

Elevate is proud to offer another modality to our medical spa services. Intravenous Therapy (IV) is a therapy that delivers liquid substances directly into a vein (intra- + ven- + -ous). Usual oral hydration will leave you not feeling well when you need fast effective relief. Our IV Hydration therapy is provided by Housecall Hydration and is performed by a licensed medical professional and/or a registered nurse.The intravenous route is the fastest way to deliver vitamins and fluid replacement throughout the body because the circulation carries them.Intravenous therapy is the most effective way for fluid replacement (such as correcting dehydration), to correct electrolyte imbalances or administer vitamins.Oral hydration and intake of vitamins gets processed in the gastrointestinal (GI) tract, causing a decrease in the amount that the body absorbs and taking longer to feel the effects.

IV Hydration Therapy Q & A

How do I know which type of IV I need? 


Need fast recovery from a long day in the heat or long workout, prepping for a strenuous athletic event or even a fun night out on the town? Otherwise feeling well but need to hydrate?  


Flu, hangover, nausea, body aches, migraines, kidney stones? Dehydration can be the symptom or cause of these ailments. We have a therapy option for you that can get you feeling better quickly! 


For those looking for increased immunity, pre- or post-travel, prevention of illness and general feeling of wellness. Get hydration therapy to boost your mental and physical wellness. The Housecall Hydration nurses can help customize an IV therapy for you. Just let them know what you feel you need and they will get you on your way to feeling better or getting a jump start on your upcoming event. Typical therapy times are 30-45 minutes. Call Elevate today for more information and pricing. 307-201-1744